Fude Vol. II- Pork Drunk Ribs

June 11, 2009

Pork Drunk: The period of mental incapacitation immediately following consumption of large amounts of pork ribs (2 or more slabs + sauce). Pork Drunk is the brief, overwhelming state of euphoric satisfaction before the onset of the sleepiness and lethargy of “the itis”. Pork drunk is what all dudes seek to achieve at Tony Roma’s.

Symptoms: Characterized by an inability to effectively communicate verbally, people who are under the influence of pork often stutter or resort to primitive grunting. Half-chewed rib bits and sauce can often be seen clinging to/ falling out of the infected.

See Also: Pork Flu, The Pork Eye

Example :
Billy: Those ribs were delish, what should we do tonight dudes?
Ian: I think we sh….sh…sh….sh….should………………hhhuggghhhhh
Michael: Dude, did a piece of rib just fall out of your mouth?
Max: Ian has gone pork drunk.
Ian: uggghhhhhh (attempting to nod in approval)

Bearing this definition in mind, Duder offers this week’s recipe:

Pork Drunk Ribs


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