Who Is Duder?

Welcome to Duder.

Hope you are enjoying our blog. We love writing it. Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Matt “Wizkitten” Lytle – Originally from the shire, he has foregone his den-dwelling roots to bring you the latest and greatest in video games and cinema. No smoke or sizzle here, this Dude tells it like it is. Only an addictive and passionate personality fuels this furnace.

Ian “Nobla” Noble – Tall like a tree, sharp like a butter knife? I forget how that particular saying goes. Either way, Nobla will rock you with pinpoint argumentation and reasoning strategies. Classically trained in formal logic and informally trained in logical classics, don’t argue with this Dude. And read his weekly Fude posts. To quote Vanilla Ice – “Love it or leave it, you better gain weight.”

Max “Filthy Condor” Dunbar – This Dude is a walking IMDB, without the stupid comments. And you think you can sketch? Forget about it. When ever there is an issue, he has an answer. Holding it down like it’s his job. Which he should hold down.

Michael “Browntizzy” Brown – The prophet, poet, and patriarch. Life is a painting, Duder his canvas. See what I just did there? Dipping his battle-tested toes in a bit of everything, he is master of none. Except your mind.

Billy “???” Quirke – Hailing from the shores of Catan, he is versed in both modern and mythical dialect. We let him bring his sheep (in exchange for wood). This Dude eats people. IRL. He will smother you with knowledge, wit, and intensity. At an early age, he was diagnosed with Alphamaleitis. We wish him all the best.


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