Sherlock Holmes Trailer

May 31, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

Although its several days old now, the new trailer for Sherlock Holmes is still worth posting. From what i’ve seen, the movie isnt at all what I expected but it still looks pretty solid. I mean how could a movie go wrong with a cast that includes Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Mark Strong and Rachel McAdams?  It cant. Having a great director like Guy Ritchie at the helm doesnt hurt much either.

Continue reading to view the trailer.

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Beautiful Schwarzenegger Painting

May 31, 2009

Arnold Total Recall

This masterpiece of Arnold Schwarzenegger by Jeff Ramirez came from the Crazy4Cult art show. It is appropriately titled “Total Recall” after the (glorious) movie that inspired it.  It is honestly one of my favorite art pieces ever so (even though its a bit old) I just had to post it.

To see the part in Total Recall where these beautiful facial expressions are from, keep Reading and peep the Videos. They’re absolutely amazing!

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StarCraft II Update

May 31, 2009


Srfto at Gossip Gamers has some interesting updates about StarCraft II. The news and screenshots come after the LUCKY people at GameMeca got a chance to try out the latest build of the game.

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Condoms: Who Needs Them.

May 31, 2009


Some interesting news on the contraceptive-front. Sex researcher, Rachel K. Jones, has conducted a study that suggests the act of coitus interruptus, or “pulling-out”, is almost as effective as condom use when it comes to preventing pregnancy. The first question I have is how legit are these findings? My second Q, is how would one go about getting themselves involved in these kinds of research studies?

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E3 2009 Predictions

May 31, 2009


The 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is just a couple days away now, and Chris Kohler over @ Wired has made some predictions about what we can expect to see.

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Empire’s Cryptic Canvas Game

May 28, 2009


Empire has recently posted their Cryptic Canvas game. The picture contains Secret Clues which have to be used to identify the 50 movies represented in the scene. What I like is that you can actually input your guesses and it will let you know if you’re right or wrong. Plus it keeps tabs on how many you’ve gotten right (out of the 50). Check out the Cryptic Canvas Game HERE.

I have yet to really give the game a go, but at first glance, it looks pretty challenging. I will update this post with my score soon!

[Update]: I put some time into the game and managed to get only 27/50 (without any references). Most disappointing! What’s more worrisome though, is that I was not even able to locate all 50 of the clues!

Let us know how you did!

Verbal Beat-down Vol. 1

May 25, 2009

Verbal Beat-down is not here yet. We at Duder would merely like to introduce this weekly column to you. Every week, we will select a comment received by us from a reader of our blog, and subsequently send back a few comments of our own. We don’t ever feel the need to defend ourselves, but we do feel the need to correct any erroneous remarks or faulty logic by addressing the commentor personally.

Stay tuned…